Thursday, March 10

When You Serve Our Dear Savior

Here is another song written for my little brother who is on a mission for our church.  Truely this song was written for him.  The lines about the family are...  ACTUALLY about our family.  He loves to tease us sisters (He poked my tummy 1 week after I had my third baby and said, "Wow... you are still fat!" Evil...)  My mom is not a pet person PERIOD and he has a beloved, and slightly insane, cat he left behind.  I think she may actually be part dog.  His signature meal is a Sausage Pizza from Shwanz.  He loves his family and is a VERY good brother.  He has made great plans for his future, but has been was WAY ready to leave and go on his mission for a while.  Anyways...  enjoy the song!

It is sung to the tune and music of "Once Upon a December" from the movie Anastasia.  I DID NOT write the tune, music or any of that stuff that could make me get sued.  LOL  I simple wrote the lyrics and sang along like Karaoke!

Here is a link to download the lyrics to "When you Serve Our Dear Savior".
(The link will take you to an external site.  Scroll down from there and the button to download is BELOW.  It only has a certain number of downloads so... PLEASE email me if it doesn't work!)

Also, please remember this is simply meant to be a fun song written for my brother.  It is NOT an amazing recording with WOW vocals.  I didn't even create the music, but...  I can sing in the shower pretty well and I love making silly songs for my little bro!

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