Saturday, April 9

General Conference Sandwiches

Yes... we enjoy silly things.  Yes...  We enjoy sandwiches.  Yes... We enjoy silly sandwiches.  I must say this one did not turn out how I thought.   The actual eating of the meal was slightly cannibalistic.

This is simple a sandwich cut into 4 pieces.  I cut of the bumpy top and cut the bottom portion into thirds.  The little "speaker" is a string cheese VERY carefully sliced with a knife to create arms.  Then stuck with a toothpick to add a fruit snack head!
 I ended up making four for my kids and the cousins.  They asked, "Who is it speaking?"  Since I made these during a break between sessions and they were excited to hear the prophet .  I said, "President Monson!"  Sure enough...  I hear, "I'm eating the prophets head!"  and "Well... I just ripped off his arm!"  I decided they weren't the best idea, but... it was funny and I'm sharing them anyways!

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