Monday, April 11

Chinese Shirt Refashion

When visiting my in-laws in Alaska (And yes... feel free to be jealous.  That is where they live!)  Anyways...  She was giving away boxes of clothing and such for Spring Cleaning time.  I couldn't resist my natural pilfering and recycling urge!  Yup... even while on vacation!  So...

This is a shirt of my Mother-in-Laws that she collected on one of her teaching stints in China!  Of course everytime she returned she had gifts for the Grandkids.  But that was about 3 years ago and my daughter still remembers her neat things that she has grown out of so...
Here is the shirt.  I layed it out all nice and flat so I could ponder my ideas for it.
Then I folded it in half and laid one of her shirts on top that I liked the fit of.   I just followed the line of the shirt, but about a half inch out.  I then cut the sleeve smaller to fit!
Then I pinned both sleeves on and sewed and surged the seam. 
Then I surged the sides and up underneath the sleeves by the pits...  Turned it wrong side out and sewed the two sides together.  I started at the sleeves and stopped about where the fabric flairs out.
 Then I folded over the bottom flair once around and stitched it closed using a fancy stitch!
Done!  she was so excited.  She loved the length too.  When she walks fast it kicks up.  Funny girl!

Total Cost: FREE

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