Friday, April 8

Dr. Seuss Pony-hawk

We are big fans of a mohawk in our home.  Aurora was especially excited to have a mohawk because... well.. BOTH of her little brothers have Faux Hawks!  When trying to come up with hair styles for Dr. Seuss week I happened to spy a picture of here with something similar to this from when she was about 2 flashing by on her daddy's laptop screen saver!  Talk about fate!  I remember doing that one when Sanjya  was on American Idol and got criticized for his.  I thought it was hilarious and put one on her!  So...  here is our updated version!
 We started with SUPER wet hair.
 Then put rows of ponytails going down the middle of her head.  (*We have found that to small/thick ponies won't work as well with her hair.  You need to find your happy medium.)
 Then I started with the FULL front pony near her forehead and HALF of the next.
I simply put them both into another pony together, but didn't pull all the way through on the last bit to create a loop and a tail.  Then I added the tail of that, the other half of the second and HALF of the third and made another ponytail 
We did this all the way down but the last we put in all of the hair and just left the tail.  I guess you could loop it back up like you are doing a bun, but... we liked the tail! 
Done!  She has her serious biker face on...  I know you can't see it, but I can! 
Here is a back view!  We have a little to much fun on Dr. Seuss week!

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