Tuesday, April 12

Hooded Scarf Tutorial

 Here is a scarf I bought for 50 cents at Wal-Mart in Alaska!  We came up here from Rapid City and NEW it wouldn't be as cold, so...  we only came up with jackets!  Of course there are a few cold moments so I am arming the kiddos with a few warmer things.  Of course... just the scarf wouldn't suffice with me!
 First... I should tell you that this scarf is DOUBLE LAYERED.  If you are making this from scratch...  double the layers!

Anyways..  I started by folding this in half.   The I sewed the 2 sides together, rounding the bottom left corner there to make the hood.  
 Then I drew two straight parrallelt lines about a half in apart.  The line started at the base of the hood and angled out a few inches. 
 From here I sewed each side separately along the lines to sew both layers of the scarf together.
 Then I cut some elastic.  I ended up making the elastic about half the length of the scarf.  These are longer...  I changed it!  lol
 Then I carefully cut the seam of the two layers in between the 2 lines that I had sewn so I could snake the elastic in.  Then I sewed it back down!
 Here she is wearing it!
She was wearing it INSIDE while watching a movie!  lol  I guess she likes it!

Total Cost: $.50
Scarf - $.50 at Wal-Mart
Elastic and Thread - Mother-In-Laws Stash!

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