Thursday, April 7

Horton Hears the Holy Ghost?

Ok... so maybe this was a bit of a stretch, but... it just happened to be Dr. Seuss week and I knew the girls would be doing neat things at school, so... I wanted to do fun things in Activity Days!

I, of course, started out by reading "Horton Hears a Who".  When it was over we talked about how Horton knew that he heard something even though he couldn't see it.  Nobody believed him because he had something they didn't.  Horton and gigantic ears and we have the Holy Ghost.  We know that the Holy Ghost wouldn't led us astray.  We know that because of our baptismal blessings we are able to have him around whenever we may need his guidance.  There may be times we feel that inspiration when around our friends who are not fo the same faith.  They may laugh when we choose to not watch a certain movie or even wear certain clothes.  This doesn't mean that they are bad, it just means they don't have the benefit of the same teachings that we do.

Then I had them all close their eyes and I sprayed some air freshener in the air.  I asked them to guess what the scent was.  It was so funny to watch them guess.  When one would guess something, they would all say, "YEAH!!  That's it!"  They all went by what the others said.  We then talked about learning to recognize the spirit.  How if you were around my VANILLA spray all the time it would be easier to recognize.  To become more familiar with the spirit you should read scriptures, attend church, etc....

At the end we ate Horton Cupcakes!  Tutorial here...  The girls were so cute.  I always had to so much fun with them.

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