Thursday, March 31

School Safe Mailbox Snacks

We have known that we were moving for a while and Aurora's teacher magically planned for her to have the treat on her last day.  So my mind wracked up many different ideas for treats for my daughters class.  I wish we didn't have to be moving to use them all!  Rgg...

So... after many discussions with Aurora on what she would like to bring as the actual treat and keeping in mind that we would be starting home schooling for the rest of the year we decided on the perfect inspiration.  Mail!  Aurora's class does a daily journal, which we will of course be continuing, but...  every now and then we will mail letters to her class!  I bought a cardboard mailbox with a coupon at Hobby Lobby and let her decorate it.  I wish I had taken a picture, but I have moving madness.  It was very Hannah Montana glitter meets Franklin the turtle stickers.   We stuffed it full of envelopes and paper so her class could write to her.  I showed her how the flag on the side worked so that she could explain it to her class.  Then I purchased several Twinkies (technically "White Clouds" cause... they were cheaper.)

Here is the treat I came up with last minute for the whole "Moving Madness Disease" that had over taken my house.
 Easy Cheesy!  All I did was cut white card-stock to the right length, wrote "U.S. Mail" on the side, and then taped it on the bottom.  The red flags aren't perfect and all exact, but...  Seriously...  I was glad I even found red paper without having to unpack a bazillion boxes!
Here is a simple side view. so you can see the "White Cloud" sticking out.  My hubby ended up helping we so we could relax and watch a movie.  The folding isn't exact at the bottom on most, but...  who cares!  They are being ripped of the next day!

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