Friday, April 22

The Upcycled Button-Up Shirt

 The Upcycle Circle

My MIL had a box of clothing she was giving away, so...  I raided it!  Then I had a magical idea.  Here are seven shirts I pulled.  For each shirt I upcycle I will use the remnants of a different shirt to finish or embellish it.
 Enter....  THE UPCYCLE CIRCLE!!!  So, for each shirt I will use the remnants of the shirt to it's right!  Going around in a circle!!! Are you ready?  

Now on to the next tutorial!
 I started by laying the shirt flat and placing a T-shirt of my son's over it to get the approximate size.  Also... notice how muck lower than the original neck line I placed it!
 I then cut the shirt like normal, but....  The armhole appears huge because I extended the part that was going over the shoulder!  Notice how tall the "over shoulder" portion looks...  read on to see why.
I then cut the sleeve smaller to REGULAR size. 
 This is a sleeve from the previous shirt.  I straightened the top and cut off the hem and cut and cut it so that it would be one long 2 inch strip.
 I did that with both sleeves and surged the both edges of both strips.  
 Then I folded them over and pinned them as shown to the top of the neck.  Notice how where the buttons are I folded the fabric in.  I then straight stitched it down.
 Here is a good picture that shows how much taller the "over shoulder" portion is compared to the arm.  I did this to see where I was going to need to fold the shoulder over.
Notice how on the right side I folded the front back and then folded the back over the front to "close" the shoulder seam.  Then I opened it up to pin the sleeve over with RIGHT sides facing.   I then pinned and sewed both sleeves and flipped them the right direction.
Then I flipped the whole shirt inside out and sewed the bottom of the sleeve to the pit and straight down the sides to close the shirt.  I did end up adding a button to the top so it wouldn't gap open.
Done!  Doesn't he look so handsome!  I love the neckline of this shirt!  It reminds me of a baby onsie!  He didn't' even have to unbutton and then button it back up! And.. I swear it's not as boxy in the shoulders as it looks.

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