Wednesday, April 20

The Upcycled Nike Shirt

 The Upcycle Circle

My MIL had a box of clothing she was giving away, so...  I raided it!  Then I had a magical idea.  Here are seven shirts I pulled.  For each shirt I upcycle I will use the remnants of a different shirt to finish or embellish it.
 Enter....  THE UPCYCLE CIRCLE!!!  So, for each shirt I will use the remnants of the shirt to it's right!  Going around in a circle!!! Are you ready?  
Here are the 2 shirts I will be remaking here!
In the previous tutorial I cut the bottom hem and the decorative trim from the neck and sleeves.  (To the left of the gray shirt)  I decided to flip the gray shirt.  I was going to be harder to cover the picture if it was on the back.  So... this is now the front!
I cute the sleeves shorter and reshaped the neckline as pictured.  I then set aside those scraps to remake the next shirt!  I also trimmed off the bottom hem.  This I saved for THIS shirt's upcycle.
I then created 2 giant pleats in the front and pinned them.  This shortened the neck line and made the image of the "front" smaller.
Then I trimmed several pieces of the other shirt's trim shorter and sewed them over the logo.
Like so!  LOVED THIS!!
Then I pinned the original hem of the gray shirt and pinned it around the front of the neck line.  I ended up stitching on the pinhead side of this...  so the neckline would but right up against the pretty pink trim.
I create one pleat in the back to cover the words that were on the front and continued pinning the new neck trim.  I left the extras hanging down in the back so I could tie it into a bow when done!
Then I measured some elastic about the size I wanted the neck line to end up being.
I pinned both ends of the elastic and sewed them together inside!
Then I decided to change the shape of the dress and shorten the arms.  After trimming this I turned it wrong side out and sewed it closed!
Then I flipped it right side out and got ready to add the bottom trim!  When sewing it down I stretched the pink and tried to keep the gray regular as I fed it through.
The I turned the dress inside out and folded it flat.  Pictured above is the sleeve.  I sewed a tiny straight stitch about and inch from the top.
Then I flattened it and sewed that down!
Then I used some more of the left over trim and sewed a tiny stitch there.  Then I tied it into a bow over the sleeve!
This gave the sleeves a little pucker and created a little bubble at the bottom of the dress!
Here is the bow in the back!
Here is the finished product!  Seriously... my mostest favorite T-Shirt dress I have EVER made her!  Soooo cute!

Total Cost: FREE!
Gray Shirt: MiL's Giveaway Stash
Pink Trim: Shirt from MiL's Giveaway Stash!
Elastic and threads: MiL's sewing stash!  lol

Thank you Other Mother!

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