Monday, April 18

The Upcycled Sleep Shirt

The Upcycle Circle

My MIL had a box of clothing she was giving away, so...  I raided it!  Then I had a magical idea.  Here are seven shirts I pulled.  For each shirt I upcycle I will use the remnants of a different shirt to finish or embellish it.
 Enter....  THE UPCYCLE CIRCLE!!!  So, for each shirt I will use the remnants of the shirt to it's right!  Going around in a circle!!! Are you ready?  We will start with....
 These.  I sorta know what I want to do with the white one, so I cut it up as pictured and placed it's extras on the pink shirt.
 Then I cut the pretty trim off the neck and the hem of the bottom from the pink shirt and set them aside to help refashion the next shirt.  I also cut a line from the neck to the bottom over on the right side.  (Hard to see... sorry...)
 I then rounded the edges of the longer slit.
 (Sorry about the weird pic here...) I then did a Lettuce Edge around every edge on the shirt.  To do this I stretched the fabric as I fed it through on a zig zag stitch machine. 
 See...  Creates a Lettuce patterned ruffle on all the edges and semi finishes them!  Now you can see the outline of the cutting better to since I used a contrasting thread.
 Then I did the same Lettuce Ruffle on ONE side of all my extras from the other shirt.   One of the sleeve pieces I threaded on the none ruffled edge and pulled to make a flower.
 The long white extra I pinned like so and sewed down.
 Then I had sewed the flower with a matching button on the one side.
 I created a partial flower with the other.  I left the loop so....
 When I sewed it to the opposite side I could loop it over the other to close the cardigan!
It's a little looser in the waist than I wanted, but... I can fix that later if it bugs me to much!  I love my new spring cardigan! 

Total Cost:  FREE
Pink shirt: MiL's Giveaway stash
White remnants: MiL's Giveaway stash
Button and thread:  MiL's sewing stash!

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  1. You are super creative and a whiz with a sewing machine! :) Great job!