Thursday, January 19

2 Things From Pinterest

Here is something I saw on Pinterest that I loved.  I don't think that I would ever really do this but...  Long story short.  We knew we weren't going to be here in Florida for long so ALL our things are in South Dakota.  Anyways...  the house we are renting is EXTREMELY under-decorated and it has been getting to me more than I thought!  I decided to make a few things using 2 ideas I saw on Pinterest.  1) A Faux Antique Glass Tutorial and 2) a Schmancy Cupcake Display.

First... the Faux Antique Glass
I checked out every tutorial.  They are ALL very similar and ALL end up with something the same, but...  I knew what I wanted and here is MINE!  I haven't found a tutorial that uses this exact technique, but...  in all honesty...  it ain't that different!  LOL
Start with glossy Mod Podge, a disposable cup, food coloring and something glass!
I poured some Mod Podge into the cup and added a few drops of dye along with a FEW drops of water... again... A FEW!  To much water and you are just gunna have to put on a bazillion layers.  I tinted some brown and some blueish green!
Then I started layering away!  I let the glass dry COMPLETELY in between each layer.  I just popped in through out the day and painted a layer on the outside.
Here are some dry and ready for some more layers... I just wanted to show you the inbetween!
Next I set the oven at the lowest setting and bake them for about 25 minutes.  This hardens all those layers of Mod Podge and sets in to the glass.
And... the blues are much darker, but... hard to photograph!  Note the original color in the front.  As you can see... What started as a simple project of dying my kids toothbrush holder, the change jar and my candle jar ended up running into another project of tinting glass candle sticks for another project!  
Here I simply used E-6000 glue and some stacking skills to create what I have seen as a fancy dessert display.  I wanted something more to get those random few items off my counter top.  
AND the glue is strong enough that I can lift the candle stick at the top and it doesn't come apart! 
Below is my new soap dispenser holder.  I just did this cause I had an extra and... needed somewhere to put my new cake plate when it didn't have cake on it!  
I collected some of the beautiful white sand from the beach here.  My theory is that when the candle melts down it will be easier to get out cause of the sand!   I am so smart!  And... also modest.  I did try to get it down further, but I need more sand I think cause it's are to work in that tiny space even with my skinny fingers!
I didn't really create a tutorial on this.  My only tip is to glue the sticks to the BOTTOM of the plates first.  Then let it dry and glue the top the tops.  I used the fancy eyeballing technique of  getting them centered and the bottoms of the plate usually have a smaller rim to eyeball by!  Below is my new tooth brush caddy.  I spray painted the pieces first.  The middle bowl is darker grey than in the pictures, but..  Anyways, my sister hates the bowl on the top and even more so spray painted blue, but... I like it!  LOL  Yup.. I crazy I like em weird!

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