Tuesday, January 17

Death of a Nail Polish Caddy... or Not?

I know this isn't crafty, but... Deal with it! I have something important to tell you!
I have need to inform you of the departing of a long time companion of mine. She has been with me through some "pedi" spills, holding things together. While sad at this announcement I am also filled with a sense of peace.  I know she has fulfilled her purpose in life and moved on to more exciting things!

Since I am sure you read the title of my post, you already know who it is that has moved on.  My beloved nail polish caddy has been with me for about 13 years. I got her as a gift for being in a friends play when I was a junior in high school!.
Upon giving her a face lift to match the walls a entire ceiling of my room... She sat upon my desk and held many things. (You can see her original wrapping inside in the pic below.)
It's amazing she has held on so long! She is really just a cardboard container decoupaged once with scary flowery paper and another time by me with magazine cutouts. I put her in the tiny trash in my bathroom where she was once again rescued by my 7 year old daughter! (Do your kids rescue things from the trash too?)  I wonder what she will be holding now!
Perhaps you are asking yourselves why I would part with such a cherished item. Well... for Christmas I got gorgeous!  I guess I should say  Gorgeous, the Victoria Secret perfume.  I personally am ALWAYS gorgeous!  LOL  I decided it was time to give my nail polish collection a chance to grow.  The old caddy had no more room!  As you can see below I can now add a few bottles!  I had to use my contact boxes to fill the void for now.
So much more grown up right!  My new friend even has a Gorgeous lid!  Since My new box is flatter and larger AND has a lid I can...
Set some other junk on top of it!  Although...  It does appear as though I need a better method for storing those items..  But this bathroom has NO storage!  What you see is the storage I have and the other side is holding towels and the mouth wash that snuck into the picture!  Evil mouth wash!

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