Saturday, January 21

Quilting Ironing Board

During a visit over Christmas my wonderful hubby heard the frequent comments from my mom about needing a tiny ironing board for next to her sewing machine.  So... this is actually made by my husband!

We started by going to Lowes and purchasing a board that was about 1x48x12.  I'm not sure those numbers are in the correct order, but.. you get it right?  OK... GOOD!  We had them cut it into 12 inch sections at the store.  You only need 1 for each board... we ended up making 3.
Next he stapled a layer of denim around the board using perfect hospital corners!  (He was so sexy to me that day... LOL)  We felt the need for an added layer between the wood and the ironing pad.
Next we chopped an cheap ironing board cover from walmart to fit over the denim and he stapled again using his sexy hospital cornering skills.  And... done!  A useful tiny ironing board for those quick pressings when creating quilt squares! 
See!  Fancy board for me and mom and my sister!  Good job Handsome Prince!  (I actually have him as that in my phone.  Sometimes I forget and go to look him up by his name and get confused when he isn't there... then I remember.  He isn't Scott!  He is my Handsome Prince!)

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