Monday, January 9

Bleach Stencil For Dummies

We have all seen the bleach pen trick around the blog world or on Pinterest!  Well... here is a tip for those of us who are NOT good at drawing!  My parents live in Texas and have discovered a scorpion problem in their new house.  To fix that my dad has been obsessing over chickens.  I found some awesome scorpion print flannel and made pajama pants for christmas.
 I needed a chicken shirt for my dad.
Umm...  print out an image...
and trace it with your bleach pen...
Then flip it over onto your fabric and lightly press.
Then lift the paper.
Then touch up.  And  I added words!  Hee hee!
I let it sit for about 25 minutes before putting it in the washer.
Here is the shirt washed and finished!  Looks great with the scorpion pants huh!


  1. I've not heard of this technique. Looks great.

  2. This is awesome, I think I'm going to be buying a bleach pen! Thanks for this great idea.

  3. I think it would be fun to strip my kids down to their undies, them give them a bleach pen and a blank t-shirt. They'd have a blast decorating it!