Monday, February 27

My Mousepad Makeover

Why are free mouse pads always so unsightly?  Weird right?  Well, here is a solution to that problem!  
Here are my supplies!  Spray Glue, Scrap fabric of choice and Ugly Mouse Pad.  I suppose my mouse pad isn't really that hideous, but it still matches nothing in my house.
The next step was super hard to take pictures of.  I really just spray glue the crap out of the mouse pad and slapped the fabric down.  Then I used my fingers to smooth and shmush out all the wrinkles.
Then I used some super sharp scissors to trim the edges.
Honestly I could have stopped here.  If the fabric shrinks away from the edges just lift the fabric and respray.
This part I did more to see if I could than anything!  I put paper under the pad to remove the traction.
Then I used a fancy stitch on my sewing machine to tack down the edges!  Honestly... you don't have to do this.  I used an embroidery needle and knew I had sewn through thicker things before.   But it did add a nice touch to the edges!
Then tear away the paper and Done!  It adds a nice touch.  I probably should have cleaned up the paper from the edges a bit better.  It does look a  little shabby, but...  I had get the kids form school and... you all love me despite my shabbiness!  Right?

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