Tuesday, February 28

Lonely Sock Bag Tutorial

Do you have lonely sock?  Because, if you don't then I am guessing you are some celestial being who has discovered all the secrets of the universe.  Or... that you have a magic wand.  Well, this is a tutorial on how I decided to store those socks in-between loads and being lost!   Now the lonely socks shall have a place to play!
I started with 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of batting about 16X28.  
I then folded one of the fabric pieces with right sides showing inside the piece of batting.
Then I sewed up the 2 sides to create a pocket.  Above is a view inside!  I did the same with the other piece of fabric, just minus the batting on the outside.
This is a view of one corner of the bottom of the bag.  I flattened it out so that the side seam is flush with bottom seam of the bag.  This makes a triangle.  Then I measured about 2 inches in and sewed a straight line.  I did this on both corners.  Doing this will normally create a rectangular bottom to a purse.  The top of the bag would be even all around.  You would just have a rectangle shape bay.  Technically you can stop here.  But... I wanted the shape of the bag a little different!
I measured up about 3 inches on one side of the original bottom seam.  Then I sewed a new seam from that point back to the original spot to create a Scalene Triangle shape. (Look mom!  I learned something in High School!)
After trimming the excess off the first piece I used it to measure the bottom of the other bag piece.  My advice on this part... make sure that the short end is on the same side of the bag for each corner!
I then flipped my piece with the fabric I wanted outside so that fabric was... outside!  I then fitted in other piece inside!  
Now to tackle the top of the bag!  I happened to have some 2.5 inch strips of fabric for binding handy!    I placed it right sides touching at the top of the bag and started pinning it around the top of the bag.
When I got to where the fabrics meet I folded on out at a 90 degree angle and laid the other on top.
Then I drew a line with fabric pencil on the top piece along the inside of the folded triangle. 
Then I sewed the two together along that line!  After doing that I sewed the binding along the top of the bag with a straight stitch.
Then I flipped it over and folded it on the other side and pinned it.  I used a fancy stitch to tack it all down!
Right now it would have hung pretty much like this.  Of course, with my big pile of socks it will need a little bit more help to hang on!  And... a tiny way to dress up those unsightly hanger clips!
I used the leftover of the 2.5 inch binding strip.  I folded 2 pieces in fourths and used a fancy stitch to keep them that way.
I marked a little below the bottom of the clip.
I looped my pieces and stitched in place like so! 
Notice how the front of the bag slopes down and comes to a sort of point...   that is what the Scalene Triangle bottom did.  It made the front short in height than the back.  
I wanted it to slope so I could peek into the bag easier.  Hello Lonely Socks!  Don't worry... Now that I am done sewing... I will work on laundry!

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