Friday, February 24

My New Chip Clip

I saw a post on Craftster where she used and old plastic hanger to make a Chip Clip.  I can't resist a goo recycle project, but...  I did add one thing to mine so I thought I would share.

I followed her tutorial pretty much the same.  Above is just a disposable plastic pants hanger.
I started using the knife to saw it, but found it actually went faster when I simple pushed hard.  I did this on both sides and and then snapped the clips off the rest of the way.  Problem with this for me was that it left a jagged edge.  Not something particularly sharp, but still... if BUGGED ME!  Call me crazy.
I a did was use a lighter to melt the edges.  I didn't do this one the counter like in the picture, but... I couldn't hold the clip, the lighter and my camera!
See!  All done. Thank you Craftster!

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