Wednesday, February 22

My Glittery Shoes And Belt

I have been obsessed with the idea of decorating shoe for forever.  Honestly, if I could pick my dream job it would be Shoe Designer!  But for now I am fine with finishing getting the hubby through school and raising the kiddos.  Craftiness of the side is fine with me!  Anyways..
Re-crafting shoes is way fun for me.  Each shoes creates is own challenge.  If I had cable I would totally be watching that new show  Project Accessory.  I'll bet it just as awesome as Project Runway!  (Which my parents DVR and save for when I come to visit.)  Anyways... on to the shoes and this time... A BELT!

I started with the belt because it was going to be more of a pain to paint!  He he he!  I bought this at the thrift store for $.25.   I knew I could think of some way to redecorate it! 
 I started by putting some regular craft paint in a cup and mixing it with some Mod Podge.  I was out of fabric medium...
I just painted over the whole thing on one side.  Grommets and all!  
Did you notice in the last picture that the belt was denim?  The grain in the fabric gave it a cool leathery look after being painted.  I almost left it, but I already have a real black leather belt!  Anyways, I set that aside to dry while I  got the next step ready...
The glitter!  I like glitter.  Glitter is my friend.  It is just fun!  I poured about a 1/4 cup of Glossy Mod Podge into a measuring cup and then dumped in a GOOD amount of glitter!
Here is what it looked like stirred up.
For the belt I really glopped more than painted the glitter goop on.  I covered the loopy near the buckle, but left underneath plain.  More because I new it wouldn't show and it would have been a pain to paint then because  it was a good design choice.  I did attempt to work around the grommets this time, which meant the shoes had plenty of time to dry while I worked on this!
Here is the belt drying!
Here is the belt dry!  And.. the back to show you what it used to look like.
And here it is worn by me!  Easy way to jazz up a simple denim skirt!

Now... for those shoes... These I got at Old Navy when they had one of their 50% off Clearnance sales.  They were 5 bucks.  They normally aren't my type of shoe silloette.  I like them skinny and higher!  But...  I was shopping for pregnancy clothes and these were good for pregnant feet!  But... I haven't worn them since the pregnancy 2 years ago!  
  I wasn't picky about brush direction I just went for it!  Above is a shoe with one coat and a shoe with no coats of glitter!  Notice the belt drying in the back ground?  I worked back and forth on these depending on which was dry... the belt or the shoes!
Here is the first coat dry!  They look pretty awesome already!  But.. they definitely need at least another coat.
Here is coat 2 almost dry.
Here are the shoes done!  Wow... in the post that seems fast, but...  It took ALL FREAKING DAY!  LOL  I did super fun house work in-between and... got locked out of the house after getting the kids from school.  We waited an hour outside for the hubs to get home.  It just gave the shoes PLENTY of time to dry in-between coats!

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  1. I love your craft, and I must admit that I LOVE Project Runway too!! I watch their new episodes on they finished the last season (9) and now they're doing a season of Project Runway All-Stars! You should be able to find Project Accessory episodes there too! (Although I don't know if they will have all the episodes anymore...)