Wednesday, February 15

No-Sew Headphone Wrap

I have a confession to make...  I... SLEEP with my iPhone!  What can I say.  I know all the statistics and experts say you should never sleep near your electronics.  But... I have a feeling that those experts aren't a mother of 3 whose military husband is in bomb school and is only home for 2 hours a day and so the only time she gets to think is when she is running in the morning and the minutes before they fall asleep which, in turn, prevents them from falling asleep.  And really... it's just when I am falling asleep cause when I run I am just thinking, "Seriously, I hate running, but wow... I am getting better.  Oh Crap... I forgot to breath.  Oh crap now I have a crap!  Run. Run. Run. Run" 

So, every night I pop in the headphones and turn on where ever I remember leaving off on what ever Harry Potter book I am on.  Listening to Harry gets me focused on that instead off all the other things in life and I zonk!  I have listened to every book in the Harry Potter Series more times than I could ever count.  But...  Seriously.. I fall asleep in about 5 minutes.  So...  I am gunna keep doing that!
Anyways...  my headphones are constantly getting tangled in each other during the night.  (Never around me actually.)  But now I have started running every morning and the tangling has gotten worse!   Then I saw the thing on Pinterest where someone wrapped their headphones with embroidery floss like an old school friendship bracelet!  I hesitated on doing this because...  It looks like it would take forever and I had been thinking of sewing something, because... I like to sew.  But.  I dove in and attempted the impossible and discovered... the impossible takes a HECK of a lot of time I don't want to spend!  And to me... it just wasn't as think as I wanted.  So...  I painstakingly snipped that off and I blended the theme of wrapping and my fabric idea into one.
I had a strip of fabric about 3 inches wide and the width of the fabric that had the colors I wanted in my wrap.  This one happens to be from a swap I joined on the Quilting Board.  Then I sliced it into smaller strips.  (Poor Strawberry never saw my rotary cutting coming!)
I started by the ear bud and just tied a single knot with the fabric around the cord.
Then I looped the longer end like so.  With the tail along the cord and the loner piece on top. 
Then I wrapped the longer portion around the back and pulled it through the loop.
Then I pulled tight!
I did this all the way down until my skinny strip of thread was gone.  Then I added another by starting the same way.  Just tying a knot at one end and going.
Notice the difference in cord width!
Here it is finished.  It still took a while, but...  No more tangles!  Also... it eliminated the static bang I get when I run from the cord bouncing back and landing on me!  (I have cheap head phones...)  Hopefully this pair will last longer with the added protection!  

Also.. I just snip the little threads away as they appear... this only happened for about a day.  (1 run and 1 sleep)


  1. So just a quick question, how much fabric did you end up using? and how wide where your strips exactly, or were you just guessing?

  2. I used Jelly Roll strips that were about .25 inch wide. and the length of the fabric. I sliced a jelly roll strip that was 2.5 inches wide to get this. I ended up with just barely enough! How could I forget to put that in the post? Blonde... no wisdom teeth... which excuse should I use today?