Friday, February 17

My Baby's Baby Jammies Tutorial

So... my son Grifin has a baby that he has been carrying around for ever.  He loves his baby about as much as his blanket!  He calls himself Daddy and makes me say I am Gramma.  He is very tender and loving with his baby... which is strange cause... he is NOT a very tender, quite  or gentle boy!  Seriously... the kid broke his arm at age 1!
Baby used to be a Girl Baby.  Well, we assume since the clothes were pink.  But, you know what they say about assuming!  We removed the pink clothing and draped a Dinosaur blanket around it so...  now my son has a Baby Boy!  Baby has been this way for over a year and I am constantly rewrapping him because Grifin is sure baby will be cold.  (Of course, he is the one who took the clothes off in the first place!)  Lately Grifin brings me baby and says, "Naked Baby mommy!  Need clothes!"  I keep meaning to, I just haven't, but today Grifin says, "Mommy.  Baby is naked.  He cry.  You make clothes?"  Well... I couldn't let my first grandchild cry from nakedness!  I am horrible at grand-mothering already!!  AHHH!!!
I decided to use the blanket.  It was leftover from some jammies I made my older son when he was 2 and now Grifin fits!  So...  They will be Father and son matchified at night!  I simply laid baby on top of the blanket which was doubled over so I would cut 2 layers.   I drew around baby with a little extra room. 
To be sure both sides were the same I cut half, then folded it over and cut along the edge.
Here it is all cut out.  Remember there are two of these!  I cut both at once!
Then I simply sewed along all the edges... except for where the hands, feet and head poke out.  I didn't hem it because... it's fleece and Grifin was standing right by me jumping up and down with crying naked baby awaiting the clothes!  
After that I just flipped it right side out and shoved the baby in!  HE is pretty squishy.  I didn't even make a scoop down for the neck line cause I wanted it to fit a little snug.  I ended up making a hat too!  (Although... I'm not sure why cause you know it's gunna get lost.)  I just cut off some of the end fringe from the blanket and made sure it would wrap around Baby's head.
Then I sewed it together to complete a circle and put it on Baby.
And used a random scrap to tie around it and finish off the hat!
Look how handsome Baby is!
This is what was left over of the poncho/blanket.
I cut it like this to make it a sort of cape thing that was slightly harder for Grifin to remove!  
Now he is SUPER BABY!
This really didn't take very long and, as you can see, Grifin is just ecstatic to have his little boy back!  I sure love both of them!  And... am glad to have completed my first Grandmotherly duties.
Kisses for EVERYONE!

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