Wednesday, February 8

Toy Bag or Mat or Wrangler?

Whatever you want to call it this thing is cool!  How many collections of toys do you have that would benefit from a Toy Wrangler!  I am guessing ALL!  I guess I just decided what it is called!
  I have seen these out there and I could think of what to call it when I googled, so... I was forced to come up with it on my own.  I am absolutely sure that I am NOT the first to come up with this.  Although... the one I saw didn't have a cool pouch for instructions?  Anyways...  Here is my little Tutorial cause... I couldn't help it.
You will need to start with about 1 yard of 2 fabrics or...  1 yard of one fabric and 1/2 yard of 2 others sewn together....  Just make sure they are the same size and are square in shape.  Really the amount of fabric depends on how big you want your bag to be when it's laying flat... but... you will get it better later!
First I folded my 2 layers in half and stacked them.  Then I created this fancy circle drawing tool to... draw a circle.  Notice it is just ribbon and 2 pens....I placed one pen at about the middle and used the other to draw a circle.
Then I cut both layers to create to big circles.  
I folded them on top of each other with RIGHT sides together and pinned.  Now you are going to sew almost all the way around the circle.
Just make sure there is a space somewhere for flipping it right side out.
Then I sewed along the edge but left a small gap in the same area that I left to flip my circles inside out.
Then I went around and sewed a second line of stitching and this time I went ALL the way around.  This will create the casing for the drawstring.
About this point I found a plastic zip bag from sheets I got at Christmas and had an idea to make an instruction pouch on the outside!  I just cut a rectangle the same size as the instructions and zig zagged it to the outside part a couple inches from the edge.
Then lay your bag out and find whatever ribbon you are going to use for the drawstring.  I looped mine around at how big I wanted the circle to be when laid out.  This will keep the sides up a little and help with spillage!  Yup... real word there.
The hard part for me was snaking the ribbon through!  Just because... I always hate that part.  But here it is all full of Knuckle Strutz from Christmas that have been plaguing my floor!
Sure... they still get on the floor a ton, but now they are slightly more contained.  I think it's a mental thing with the kids too.  There is a neat place for them to be sorted and so they sorta sort theme there!

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