Saturday, March 10

Shamrock Hair Large

This is pretty much line the Tiny Shamrock Pony, but...  BIG!
Start with hair in a pony on the back that is slightly wet.
Divide the hair into 4 sections and put elastics about  halfway down on three!
Then we are going to do the same split and twist thing as on the Mini Shamrock Hair.
Remember...  split the mini pony.
Flip the tail end up into the split.
And loop it through as many times as you need this time!  I did it about 4 times.  
Remember doing this on the Tiny Shamrock?
This time I put each flipped pony up and...
Clipped it in place with a mini clip!  If I had all green I would have used them for the tutorial,  but...  Green didn't match her outfit that day and I didn't have green anyways!
I did that to all three mini ponytails and then secured the tail ends near the original pony with another elastic.
Then I covered the elastic with another mini clip!  See...  same thing as the Tiny Shamrock, but...   bigger!

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