Friday, March 9

Tiny Shamrock Hair Tutorial

Here is an easy Hairy Do for St. Patrick's Day!  We did this in a larger pony tail on the back, but... you could do an even smaller as a side half pony!
I started by putting most of slightly wet hair into pony on the back.  (Notice the little bit underneath that isn't in the pony...)
Then I seperated the hair in the pony into 4 sections.  Three mini ones got elastics placed about 2 inches away from the original elastic.  The rest of the pony hangs down to work with later!
Take each mini pony in turn and split the hair as pictured above.
Then flip the hanging hair up all the way through the spilt.
This will create 2 twists!  
After putting twists in all three minis you are going to pushed the mini elastic up so it is touching the main portion of hair and the hanging hair is... hanging down with the original pony.
Here are all three stacked.  When I pushed the up I sorta arranged them to create a shamrock!  Hold the 3 mini tails like so and...
Place and elastic around them as close to the original as possible!  If you need to rearrange the mini ponies here you can so they create a shamrock shape!
It's cute right!  I love the dimension!
Here is a close up view of the front.  I love how it pops up behind her head so it looks like we stuck a shamrock in her ponytail!

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