Wednesday, April 18

Disney Savings Jars

We have been saving for a trip to Disney World since we live so much closer now.  I have been doing several things to help with the cost.  I know that it can be pretty pricey.  One of the main things people have told me to save one a trip to Disney is to NOT buy souvenirs inside the park.  There are many places outside to buy pretty much the same things.  Since the hubby and I have been working so hard to save for this we figured the kids could save on their own for their things!

Of course, a special thing to save or calls for a special jar to put the money in.
First I stained some jars using THIS tutorial.  I used alfredo 2 sauce jars and a maraschino cherry jar for my 2 year old!  Perfect small size.
Using 2 different size cups I cut a mickey shape out of some fabric.  You could use paper, but... I had fabric!
Then I Mod Podged the Mickey heads to the jars.
See!  Cute so far.
Then I used some shiny T Shirt paint to out line the edges.  I wanted the Mickey to stand out a little more.  I set these on the counter so the kids can easily watch them fill.  We don't pay them allowance.  We have them earn nickels for lots of things.  Their chores, doing things without being told, being sweet to each other....   The oldest two can count by 5 easy and nickels can add up fast or... slow!

Wish us luck on our Disney Savings Journey!

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