Friday, April 20

Spring Chickens and Tie Dye Cupcakes!

I love it when I remember ahead of time that I need to make a treat for my primary class!  I had been thinking all morning of what I could make when my sister texted me a picture of her cute cupcakes she was making.  So...  I copied her!  But...  I had to add a twist of course.
I started by making regular cupcake batter from a box mix.  I like to create things from baking and it takes enough time to do all that!  Then I divided the batter into 4 bowls (yes I know only 3 are shown...  and 2 of those have no batter!  I didn't think to take a pic until most the batter was gone!)  Then I used my fancy wilton food coloring to mix up the colors.
I placed about 1 tbls of each color batter into a muffin paper.  Notice I didn't even put the papers into the muffin tin yet?  That is because I did and then it took so long I didn't want to have to fill them in between oven switch them!  So...  at this point my first batch is in and I am filling papers ahead to save time.
I used my lightest 4th color on top.  I knew I was going to frost them all yellow and I didn't want the cupcake color to bleed through.  
Then I used the end of a spoon and gave them a swirl to mix the colors!
As you can see some of the color pops through anyways, but look how fun so far!
You probably also notice that my cupcakes are pretty tall.  That is how I like them!  No flat cupcakes for me.  I like them heaping!
Here is a pic of the done frosting.  Again...  I didn't use homemade frosting, just the butter-cream from a can.  It's what my hubby likes most anyways! To start I colored my frosting pale yellow for the base.  Then I tinted it again darker and shoved some in a ziploc bag.  I snipped the corner and used it for piping heart shaped wings.  Then I squeezed the remainder out and colored it a dark more orangish yellow and piped the triangle nose and feet!  The eyes are upside down chocolate chips with a tiny dot of butter-cream again, piped from my fancy Ziploc bag.
My hubby's primary class is rather large and he gives them each 2 treats.  One for reading a scripture during class and the other for behaving!  So he likes to have his treats hidden from most of the world as he walks the halls in church.  It's easy to get mobbed when armed with yummy goodies!  So here are his in a box where they happened to fit perfectly.  
Even I didn't realize my own cleverness until I closed the box I had put his cupcakes in!  That was funny.  "Brother Herbert brought us eggs as a treat? LAME!"  Then they open it. "Holy Smokes they hatched!"  LOL
I didn't want my kids to eat their treat until they got home cause mine are younger and much more apt to make a mess!  So I put some easter grass in a Ziploc and shoved a cupcake in.  (I took this picture at an angle apparently because the pic looked wrong both this way and perpendicular...  Rgg...)  

All the kids loved them!

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