Thursday, April 26

Printable Home Cleaning Schedule

While I am fairly good at keeping up with my home cleaning.  I have been longing at finding a better way to be organized about my whole day.  Meal planning, cleaning, just my day in general.

My first order of business was to scour Pinterest.  I found lots I liked, but none I loved.  I think the problem is that everyone has a different house and everyone has a different schedule and everyone is..  DIFFERENT!  So I came up with my own thing that I am sure won't work for you because you are different!  I did find THIS meal planning printable from Ollibird I thought was SO cute!  So...  my printable is going to match it!

I did do a few things to hopefully make the schedule easier for everyone to use.
  My first plan was to get the kids chore charts going, but...  I figured I should make myself one first!  Then I can figure out ore easily what they should do and they can see that they aren't the only ones who have chores!   So first on the home organizing list was The Home Cleaning Schedule.  Here are a few tips on how to get my chart to work for you.

How To Make a Home Cleaning Schedule

1. Start by listing all the things you regularly clean in your house.  Yeah...  It can get pretty long.

2. Next try to organize your chores into 3 different groups.  Daily- chores you need to do everyday.  Weekly- chores you do once or twice a week.  Monthly- Chores that don't need doing as often, but still need to get done.

3. Next you can put the Daily chores into Morning and Evening ones.

4. Then sort the Weekly chores by day of the week!

5. Print out the chart I created and write out your schedule!

Below is a pic of what I came up with for my Schedule.
CLICK HERE to download the printable I made for me.
CLICK HERE for a blank one to customize for yourself!
To display mine I spray painted a thrift store frame and used E-5000 glue to stick magnets on the back!  I did the same with the meal planner.
See...  they all look nice together don't they!

Are you wondering what the top left on is?  Don't worry you will get it tomorrow!  I am having issues saving the PFD.  But I will get it!


  1. THANK YOU!!! This is stylish and just perfect for my needs. I just found your blog and thought I would say hi and THANKS!! -Magda

  2. Do you happen to have the Meal Planner as a printable document? I love this set up!

    1. I found the meal planner at Ollibird. There is a link in the second paragraph!

  3. Thank you for this! Here is one I made based on your blank template for any apartment dwellers with cats! :) ENJOY!

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