Saturday, April 28

Printable Daily Schedule

I while ago I decided to become more organized about my day!  I started with a meal planner I found through Pinterest on Ollibird.  Then I made a Home Cleaning Schedule to match.  Next came this Daily Scheme!

I came up with this after looking around on Pinterest for a while.  There are so many out there, but I just knew what I wanted!  Hopefully this will work for your day too!
I have a spot for dates I need to remember.  A place for a running list of To-Do's or things I want to make.  I decided I needed a place to have one daily goal!  I also created a shopping list spot that is the perfect size for a post-it note for mobile goodness!  I have been really good at keeping up on my workouts and staying healthy.  I have found that if I drink water I snack less so...  a spot for my 8 glasses of water and my workout are on my chart too!  Now...  if this isn't for you... then do 5 crunches and count that as your work out!  LOL  The point is to do SOMETHING active during the day.

I spray painted a frame and glue magnets to the back so it would fit on the fridge like the rest of my lists! I like lists.
CLICK HERE to print this chart horizontally.
CLICK HERE to print it perpendicular!
I actually made it perpendicular first then realized it wouldn't fit on my fridge that direction so...  lucky you to have your pick!
I wish I had thought about where my magnets were placed.  This one hangs up the top of the fridge because the...  brand plate thing... was in the way!  Rgg..

They all look nice together right?

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