Wednesday, May 16

S'mores Trifle or Bowl of Popcorn

This is an easy recipe.  It comes out yummy and, if you add the finishing touches, is sure to be a success at any party!

2 Pans baked brownies, crumbled 
2 Cans Chocolate Hershey's Frosting
2 packs of Graham Crackers
1 Cup of Melted Butter
1/2 sugar
1 bag mini marshmellows
2 jars Marshmellow Fluff

So...  I forgot to take a pic of the first step, but pretty much just crumble 1 pan of brownies and dump them into the bottom of your bowl.
After pressing them down packed layer over them with some chocolate frosting.
In a seperate bowl crumb 1 pack of your graham crackers, add some of your melted butter and 1/4 cup of sugar.  You really just need enough butter to get your graham crackers to stick together in clumps.  Then dump them  on top of your frosting layer.
Plop in 1 jar of your marshmallow fluff.  This step works better if you plop several spoonfuls all around.  This stuff is sticky and doesn't like to spread!
Then do another layer of the brownies!  (Yeah!  I got a picture of the brownie step somewhere!
Then repeat the chocolate frosting layer.
After adding another graham cracker layer STOP!  Don't add the next marshmallow fluff layer yet.
Next you are going to break out the mini marshmallows.  Using scissors I would snip one almost all the way in half and poke another one inside.  
Then sorta smush them together so they stick.  Do this with the whole bag!!
AFTER you make your marshmallows THEN put the marshmallow fluff down.  
I made the mistake of doing the fluff first... then putting the marshmallows on as I went...  They are heavier than the fluff so the sink it!  I stopped and did them all, but then the didn't stick to the fluff quite as well...  Alright though...  I did it fast!
Next I watered down some brown gel coloring and touched some of the piddles with it to look like the kernels.
Last I put some watered down yellow in a tiny spray bottle and spritzed the top!  
Buttered popcorn!
I covered it with plastic and tied a cute ribbon on it for looks!  This was going to an auction to benefit the youth at our church to help send them to camp.  It brought it $50 bucks!  Go me!  I just think it looks awesome!  Although...  I did have a popcorn craving when I was done.

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