Monday, May 14

Even Easier I Spy HST Quilt

I made this quilt to give to an auction at our church.  The money was given to the youth to send them all to camp this summer!  Such a fun auction called for a fun quilt in my opinion!

Now...  I am a huge fan of I Spy Quilts.  I wanted to do one forever and now I can't seem to stop!  The are colorful, fun and... snuggly!  I can't seem to just throw the square together though... they must be have some sort of order to them...  

This quilt is VERY similar to my Super Easy HST Quilt.  They are pretty much the same, but... The way I organized the colors and then what I swapped is different.  Practice makes perfect, but... here it made it easier!!
I started out with 80 squares that I liked.  I layed them down and tried to get like colors close.  I wanted them to flow across the quilt at this stage.  Then I broke them into 4 sections each 4 across and 5 down... so 20 squares in a section.  I then sewed the 4 sections together!
Then I cut the sections as shown.  Along the diagonal across 3 squares in 2 corners of each section.
I the 4 center and 4 outer triangles are going to stay where they are.  I didn't sew the middle ones together yet...  I just moved them closer together for the pic...
I then rotated the funky middles clockwise.  Yeah... the quilt went from tall and skinny to short and fat there...
Then I pulled in the 4 corners.  I sewed each section individually.  Fixing the triangles back to the wonky middles.  Then I sewed all 4 sections together in 1 big quilt!
Here are my kids testing to see if it is big enough...  all 3 fit so.. yep!
I love it!
It's easier than my easy one!

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