Monday, June 25

Disney Trip Bleached Shirts

Do you remember my Disney Star Wars Weekend Shirts where I was to busy to take real pictures because I had to crank out the shirts?  Well... here is ANOTHER one!  I used almost the same method for these!

I know you have seen those tutorials out there using freezer paper to make amazing shirts right?  You know.. the ones where they take the time to iron down the paper images?  Well...  I did ALMOST the same thing here.
  1. I googled Disney coloring pages.  
  2. Printed one out on regular paper. 
  3.  Cut out the character and laid it flat on the shirt!
  4. Then I filled a spray bottle with a little bleach.
  5. Then I QUICKLY sprayed the shirt 3 times, rushing before the paper got so wet that it curled!
See...  I had no freezer paper and no time to iron and it worked!  Hello Princess Aurora!
I think Buzz likes my idea.  He turned out great!
Dumbo probably wishes I had used freezer paper.  I over sprayed him and his trunk got a little messed up. (Honestly I did him first cause if anyone's was gonna mess up I wanted it to be mine.  I learned quick!  NO over spray!)
Moglee and Baloo!
Mofasa!  Look at those whiskers!  Crystal clear!
See!  All together!  Even though the shirts were all different colors it made it so much easier to find each other in a crowd! 
 And don't worry.  I found a competent person to take our picture in front of Cinderella Castle later.  Really... if someone asks you to take their picture in front of something... chances are they want ALL of that thing in the picture!  TURN THE CAMERA DUDE!  After asking 3 different people on 3 different days and getting the castle in NONE of those, I began offering to everyone I saw if they wanted me to take their families picture!  I even made a young married couple kiss!  They seemed highly embarrassed, but obeyed and...  the picture turned out so cute!  They loved it!

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