Friday, June 15

Star Wars Disney Weekend Shirts

Ok... I am a little mad at myself for not taking more pictures of this.  But I WAS in a huge hurry to just book out the T-Shirts before our trip to Disney World!

I decided to do some quick Star Wars T-Shirts since, lucky us, we happened to be going during Star Wars Weekend!  But I had a tiny problem.  I had 2 days left to finish packing and making 2 more sets of shirts!  So... I went with something easy.  A Freezer Paper Stenciled shirt!

It sounds great until I realized that I had no freezer paper and couldn't go to the store because the baby was sleeping.  GRR!!  I wanted to finish the shirts before the kids came home from school and my brain began to wander!

So what to do when you have no freezer paper?

1. Google images you want on your shirt.

2. Import to a Word program and make the pics as big as you can!
3. Cut the image out of the middle.  LEAVE the white part of you paper alone.
4. Lay T-Shirt out flat and place paper with image cut out on top.
5. Spray CAREFULLY with fabric spray paint!  (Stay a good distance away so the sprayer won't blow your paper.  Also make sure you are spraying directly down.)
6.  Pick up paper!

Yeah...  Not my best tutorial.  I may have to make some more shirts this way later just to prove that you don't really have to have Freezer Paper.  
Truthfully...  It would have been nice to have.  I cursed, in my head, when I picked up the paper for this Yoda shirt.  But... as it dried the light saber looked MUCH better.  You can sorta see where the fabric is wet around the image from the paint.  It freaked me out a little!
The Princess Leia image turned out perfect!  I think the key is to NOT over spray.  I was using copper so the contrast was perfect with one light coat.
See!  Even a complicated image like Darth Vader turned out fine!  But... I will admit that for his I used some tape rolled up to make sure the lighter paper pieces wouldn't blow away.  Not a ton though!
We got lots of comments on our shirts AND it made it much easier to find each other in the crowd!  
We even met a few Star Wars characters.  We skipped Vader...  his line was about 2 hours long!

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