Wednesday, June 20

Donut Stick Flip Flops

I apologize for the incredibly horrible pictures in this post.  Perhaps they are not completely wretched, but...  Seriously.  This chick needs a DSLR!  Now, will somebody give her one please?  I shall email you my home address.  I am that nice that I would tell you how to get it to me! lol
So... Anyways.  These are some super quick Donut Stick Flip Flops I made for Aurora's class at the end of the year.  It was her turn for the treat and...  I was super busy with all the T-Shirts making for Disney World!  YEAH!  
Needless to say I did NOT get good pics of them.  Can I partially blame the horrible lighting in my house?  Ok.  I will, thank you!
To make them I simply purchased 2 boxes of donut sticks from the grocery store.  I then used some yellow T-Shirt paint, because... it was right there on the table from making shirts...  and drew "V's" on them.  The stars are just stickers I plopped on top!  They turned out much cuter than the pic I swear.  AND if I had the time I would have used ribbon to make the a little more realistic, but...Disney had the priorities in my crafty brain that week!

Anyways... thought I would share!  And... I needed to not be so lazy and post SOMETHING while I am in vacation in TX!!!  The kids are chasing chickens, I am attempting to keep my dog from eating live duck and...  sewing in my spare time!  Surprise, surprise... I am working on the Disney Autograph Quilts!

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