Monday, June 18

Ice Trapped Toys

So this project I KNOW I saw on Pinterest.  There are a TON of  links for it on there, but...  it is seriously so much fun that we just HAD to share with you!

We started with these little disposable tupperware cups.  Right before we started getting ready for bed on night I had then walk around and find little toys.  Then we put in some ice-cubes to help spread the toys around!  Also...  the ice-cubes melt faster.  We left them in overnight and...
This is what we had in the morning!  Poor Simon.  He is trapped!  Don't worry.  We can fix that!
Here are Aurora and Tyton's!
I ran the cups under hot water to get them out.  Then I places each ice chunk in a big bowl.  
I put a towel on the floor and handed each kid a spoon and a butter knife!  While we chipped away we watched a show from the National Geographic on Antarctica.  The kids were strangely into it...  while watching we talked about ice and water and glaciers.
Tyton was the first to get a toy out!  Yeah Pirate coin!  You are free to clutter my house once more!!  This was so much fun.  If you haven't tried this you should NOW!

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