Wednesday, July 25

Free Planner Printable - Girly Style

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So...  do you remember a week ago when I share my husbands love for planners and our never-ending hunt for pages to fit throughout our almost 10 years of marriage?  If you don't remember then CLICK HERE to view the post and get the downloads.   
I couldn't resist and made on for myself while I was at it!  It couldn't hurt to be more organized right?  I do have an iPhone, but...  I have always been a pen to paper kind of girl.  I remember things more when I physically write them down.  
So...  On to the Free Planner Printable -GIRLY STYLE!
Mine is organized the exact same way as his, but...  mine is pretty! Here are pictures of the front inside pocket and the inside cover page.
Along with the phone number, holidays, and birthday pages, this also includes the mini calenders through 2014.
Monthly Calendar Pages
Weekly Calendar Pages.
I also have cute dividers!  
Instead of the investment pages like the hubby's I create a space to jot down blog ideas!
I clipped it with a gigantic clippy after print, cutting and organizing the pages.
I spiral bound them so they would lay flat or fold in half easy!
To hook the elastic I used my eyelet setter to squash the elastic into the back cover.
Turn out cute right!

Now load up the paper, make sure your ink is good, get ready to download and print!
NOTE PAGES - Print one on the flip side of the information pages.
(Keep the note download open cause... it gets printed again.)
PHONE NUMBER PAGES - Print these front and back, however many you think you might need!
DATE PAGES - Print one!
DATE PAGES 2 - Print on the flip side of Date pages 1.
MINI CALENDAR PAGES - This is one file that gets printed front and back 
so watch you printer and flip the paper when necessary.
MONTHLY CALENDAR PAGES - Print one of this with the NOTE PAGES from above printed on the back.
WEEKLY PAGES - Print 6 with WEEKLY PAGES on the front and back side.  Then 6 with WEEKLY PAGES on the front and NOTE PAGES on the back.
BLOG LOG PAGES - Print front and back however many you might want!
DIVIDERS - Print however many of these you think you might need.
I printed 13 on card-stock, one for each month and another for the Investment Log. 

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