Thursday, August 30


I am posting late and from my phone but I had to share a tiny bit of our trip so far!

After several plane delays we finally arrived "home"! And it is great to be here! So far it has been bright and sunny! Perfect weather for the State Fair, where we saw 1000 pound pigs and pumpkins big as small cars. Wr have fed Stellar Jays. We had a beautiful drive to Ninilchik River, where we spotted Beluga's. We fished a little and got one silver salmon but spotted a lamprey eel!

Today it is raining so we plan to head to Homer to the Oceans and Island Exhibit and tomorrow.... Fishing for the Halibut! Get it... Halibut... Ha ha. What a worn out Alaska joke.

The only thing I feel lacking is a nice camera to take perfect pictures of this heaven! We missed our family and our Alaska home.

And for some reason blogger won't let me post pictures right now! I guess you will have to wait!

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