Wednesday, August 8

No-Sew Curtains

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This week I want to share with you the curtains I created for our "School Room".
My wonderful Family Closet/Laundry Room is being reorganized and rearranged to make way for a special place for homeschooling this year.  Since the whole house was supposed to be only our home for a tiny bit really NONE of our house here is decorated.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend cash to decorate something for a little bit, especially when I have all that same decorating stuff in storage!
But... I want the School Room to be a happy comfy place, so curtains were really...  inevitable!
This tutorial really needs no super long explanation because it is that easy!
I simply got about 1 yard of fabric and sliced it into strips that were 2.5 inches by width of the fabric.
Then I cut those strips into 4 equal sections.
 All of the windows in this house have these already in place from the previous owner.  I simply got some cheap ribbon I had on hand, eyeballed the width of the window, and then sat down to watch Psych with the hubby on Netflix!  As we watched I tied the strips tot he ribbon near the ends and Voila!  Curtain done in one episode!  Or was it two?  Yep two.  
The one where he the Halloween episode where they are at his old camp AND the one where his mom is kidnapped by the Ying Yang Killer.  That one was crazy!  But good.
 I was to lazy to tie it up last night, but this morning I just tied the ribbon ends to the little thingys by the window!  I love it!  And... no it isn't raining.  We live in Florida and it is that humid today!

It also matches perfect with my 88 cent weather chart from WalMart.  I we are getting excited for school!

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