Tuesday, August 28

Volcano Dino Dig Cake

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My son turn 3 last month.  Yes... I know.  He is evil and rude.  All that growing.  I have tried to teach him not to, but... he just doesn't listen!  Anyways, I had a fun Spongebob Cake all figured out in my head and when I mentioned it to him he said, "I no want a Bob Bob Cake mommy.  I want a Dinosaur Cake."  Okay... Dinosaur cake it is!

So one day he was NOT wanting to sit on the toilet and poop.  He doesn't like to wait and I don't like it when he does so...  I sat on the edge of the tub and googled "Dinosaur Cake" pictures!
He saw TONS he liked! But... it was a spewing Lava Cake that caught his attention!  His other favorite cake had non-toxic dinosaur bone toys baked right into the cake! Way cool.  So I told him he would have to choose.


Imaginatively, he said, "Mommy.  You can make a Volcano WITH dinosaurs IN it.  You can mommy."
Duh... why hadn't I thought of that!
The cake itself was pretty simple.  Betty Crocker is my friend.  I made two 8 inch rounds for the base.  After layering my rounds I shoved these little guys...
Right into the cake! I didn't want to take the time to run around finding non-toxic toys that I could bake.  So I opted for toxic dollar store dinos that I simply washed! 
Then I cooked a box and a half in a glass bowl for the top!  After letting everything cool I spread chocolate frosting and Oreo crumbs on the whole thing!

Here is the part I wanted to share.  How I made the LAVA!!!
A cookies sheet covered with foil and heavily sprayed with no stick spray.
Then I lined up Life Savers and popped them into the oven for about 5 minutes on 350.
WATCH THEM!  Cause they get to this stage quickly.
WHILE THEY ARE IN THE OVEN carefully use a point thing to swirl the colors together a little bit.
THEN pull the sheet out and slice where needed as the cool with a knife so they will break apart where you want.
Some of them I carefully took out and draped over a bowl so they would cool in a curve!
(Do you like my Fancy Life Saver cooling holding tools?)
When everything is cooled put them on!
My mistake?  Using applesauce in place of the vegetable oil.  It makes the cake moist and yummy, but... with such a heavy tall cake...  Let just say that by the time we were ready to eat our Volcano had.. IMploded.  But...  Still looked alright.  Not fantastic but... A 3 year old doesn't care.  He really just wants cake!

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