Thursday, September 13

A Virtual Run with SOCKS!

Hello!  Are you excited for...
Thawed Out Thursday!
Where you get to see a little into my brain?
I guess you are if you are still reading.  You are brave!

With out to much whining and excuse making let me tell you that I have not worked out in... a while.  Like 3 weeks.  And with vacation I FEEL like I haven't worked out.  I had just got better are running.  I am not great, but I have never liked it.  I don't run fast, but to run 3.5 miles and LIKE it...  BIG deal for me.  With the kids being home all summer it was harder to get out, then with the start of homeschool and then vacation.  We are also looking to move all our household goods down to where we actually live!  
*Shock and AWE!*

Needless to say, I am not sure where my wonderful P90X will honestly fit in.  But...  Technically you can do any workout and where... you just have to make time for it!  Right?

I would like for you to join me in a Virtual Run!

Our trip to Alaska led us to the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward.  Simply an amazing place.
There were Jellyfish, touch tanks, fish tanks, and harbor seals.
Baby Walrus, an amazing sea bird aviary, an octopus with thousands of eggs, and an apperantly creepy mammoth skull.
(The walrus shown above was 13 weeks old and weighed 335 pounds!  And did you know that Octopus lay eggs, protect them for 6 months and when they hatch they just... die!  So the one shown above is like... near death!)  I learned-ed some stuff!
Sea Lions (very hard to photograph with an iPhone), tons of interactive learning centers, and of course a fab gift shop!   Note the Mammoth Ivory Rose earrings...  I totally drooled.  Until, that is, I noticed the 150 dollar price tag!  But Papa did the the kids each a new lovey so they were happy!

They have encounters, sea life sleepovers, internships, rehabilitation for animals, and SEVERAL educational opportinies.  
My personal favorite idea is their DISTANCE LEARNING program! I will admit, I wish it was cheaper, but sign ups are going on right now!  You could visit Alaska from your home!
But THIS is what I want to talk to you about.
Is it funny that what drew me to the poster was the socks hanging off?  I have a sock thing.  Really I have a FUZZY-sock-fetish, but fun socks in general are a love of mine.
I wished I had been there for the run!  But... then I noticed the part of the poster about a VIRTUAL RUN?  I have NEVER heard of that before.

It is 30 bucks. You can run the race yourself at any point from now until the end of the YEAR!  Send in a pic of you in the socks in all your amazing locations!  If you end up doing it, PLEASE send me a picture too and I would love to post them here! 
 I think we should make a goal to do it BEFORE Halloween though.  Deal.  Ok DEAL!

I have friends in TEXAS and South Dakota!  Lets get one of a group of you by MT. Rushmore!  That would be sweet!  I know I have several readers in Russia!  Unless you are reading only my tutorials?  That would be cool to get some Russians in the socks right!  It goes to an amazing center.  
Plus...  a 5K is NOT to long.  I will be doing this in Florida and plan to get a picture of me at the BEACH with the socks!  

Mostly I wanted to get the word out about this place. My kids had so much fun. I know that most people don't get a chance to visit Alaska, but who doesn't like seals and walrus!  Besides the fish that get eaten by them...  So.  
Check out their site
Sign up
Send me a pic.

This is a SherbertCafe ORDER!  

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