Wednesday, September 12

How I Work Box and Post Office Organizing

Guess what! It is...
Whipped Up Wednesday!
Do you wanna see what I just whipped up?

When deciding to homeschool I knew organization would be a key factor in making my life a little easier.  I have seen how several people use the work box system and knew I would use some variation of that for us.  I like that it keeps the kids a more independent with their learning.  I have a friend who uses plastic drawers, but... I am a cheapo!  I would rather spend the 60 bucks on educational stuff than on over priced plastic.  I was going to try folders, but...  We had some kids come over and they got ripped of the walls before our school had even started.  Folders were out.

Then I went to the post office to mail some stuff and BINGO!  It hit me.  I snagged several boxes and dragged them home.  FREE!  I like free.  Free makes Jessica very happy.
So here are our 8 boxes per big kid and a few for the little guy so he isn't left out.
When they are done with a worksheet they place it on the top for now. 
A while ago I made some desk organizers out of cereal boxes for a Corner Clean Up post.  It took me a while to save the bigger boxes!  Now I don't have to wait!  Ahh... instant gratification!

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  1. Looks so amazing! Love how cute it turned out!
    Can't wait to get together:)