Monday, September 2

Letter to Nursery Parents

Did you miss me?  I know I missed posting stuff.

Tons has happened since I last posted.  Mostly moving, military, unpacking, summer vacation, slacker blogger craziness, BUT...  Since the kids are back in public school I am hoping my blog posts will be more regular!  Yeah!

In our church leaders and teachers are not paid.  We are called by our Bishop to a position and we have the option to deny or say yes to that job.  In our new ward I have been called to the post of Nursery Leader!   I know what most would think when reading that.  You either cringed or thought, "Better her than me."  But seriously... who wouldn't want a calling where you get toys and treats?  I have always loved nursery.  And, while every church calling has it's hard spots, the "tough parts" of nursery are just not that hard to me.   The kids I work with are between 18 months and 3 years old.  Great age to be cute and forgiving!   Plus, I believe that many dismiss nursery as a drop off baby sitting point.  We teach a gospel lesson, we have singing time, and for most, this is their first time they are away from parents and with a teacher.  I love teaching those little ones that they are more than just the baby of the family.  The are children of our Heavenly Father!

Anyways, the Primary Presidency handed me this paper that is at the beginning of the Nursery Lesson Manual to hand out to all the parents.  It states a few simple ideas on how to introduce the Nursery to little ones and when NOT to bring them.  Most parents have seen that letter a millions times and over half just chuck it instead of reading it.  I am not normal, so the normal letter just would suffice.  o remedy that problem I took the letter and changed it into poem form!  Of course I had to make sure I could share it!  Simply Click the link below to download and print!  I printed mine on bright blue.  Harder to loose, easier to notice!

I also created a blank business card to add along with the poem.  This way if the parents have any questions about the lesson or need to call for some reason they can.  Then they also know your name, since sometimes the kids never remember.
CLICK HERE to download the business card. 
 Print it on magnetic paper for added helpfulness!


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  1. Love this, those kids are so lucky!
    Our Primary misses you!