Wednesday, June 30

Fancy French Braid Ponytail

Ok... My little girl had this idea for a hair do and then at the last minute we changed it.  It was supposed to be a french braid with a long ponytail and 2 buns, but she liked the look before we got to the bun part.  I must admit.. It's pretty cute!
First divide the hair into three sections.

French Braid the middle section down to where you want your ponytail, then regular braid the rest of the way.  I don't have a picture of this step, but then pull the rest of the hanging hair and the braid into a ponytail.
Now divide the right side in half, perpendicular to the french braided section.  Pull the top half over the main ponytail and the bottom half under and pony they together on the opposite side.

Do the same with the left side!  Here is where I was going to make 2 buns, but we thought it looked cool! So...

We just added her bow!  I like how full this makes her ponytail seem.
Here is a side view!  Simple and sweet!

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