Friday, July 2

July "4" Head Band

I want to apologize for the lack of photos in the end of this.  My battery died and I'm on vacation!  lol...  I tried to use the camera on my phone, but....  you will see.  I did try this 2 different ways though so you can't complain! They both start out the same.

Just seperate the hair into 4 parts.  Look at the picture below to see how I placed them!
Here is a view from the side.

I started with a braid right in her face!  LOL  I wanted it to start thick and a french braid all the way back wouldn't have been as thick cause she has fine hair.  If you girl has thicker hair I would just french it all the way back.

This is just me measuring to see how long I needed to go before I started french braiding.

I then french braided back.

Now just keep on going down... this is so you can pull it crooked for part of the 4.

Here is where my camera died....
See that braid going in a diagonal... that's the tail of the first part!  You just pull it over and start adding in to the next section so you can french braid!

When you reach the end of that section just regular braid until you get to the section on the other side... then french braid again!

I just ponied it at the end and you have a "4" headband!  You don't even have to french braid... you could technically regular braid the whole thing and just add to the braid when it's long enough to get to your next section.

OK... ready for way 2?

For this one I placed actual ponies.  Study the pictures to see where I placed them!
I started in the same place I braided...  That first pony is placed right at the front of her head.  I just twisted it back tot he next one and looped it through the pony there.

Then with the hair added to that I twisted it to the pony on the left side of her head.  (Right in the pic)

Then twisted again to the last one!  Tadaaaaaa!!!  4 Again!

This one is easier, but.... she has fine hair with many little fly aways and.... she has a little bro that is her best friend... They play rather rough....  We will be going with the braided 4 cause it stayed in better!

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