Saturday, June 26

Mini Hearts with a Pony

This is a cute and easy way to spice up a boring ponytail!
Start by making 3 little piggies and keep the bases of them VERY close to the crown.
Then do pull threws on all of them upside down... (Just make sure they are still hanging in her face!
Next I made small piggies directly behind the main ones.  These are really just to place the next strands in.
Next you are going to seperate the main piggies in the front in half and twist them in opposite directions. Tack them in the pony behind to create the heart shape!  
Do this on all three and put the hair up into a ponytail!  Making sure to add a cute ribbon cause... it's just cute!  This is pretty much a smaller version of the Triple Heart Ponytail I did two weeks ago... I was just trying to figure a way to make the hearts... smaller and sweet!
We are having so much fun with our new way to bond!  So girly!


  1. I do LOVE it so much, Jessica! I love how you used the hearts to pull back into a ponytail! Great job! You are a pro!

  2. p.s.... Totally honored that you commented! I LOVE YOUR SITE!