Wednesday, July 7

"Squishy" Noodles

I guess the title can sound kinda gross, but these are truely a new fav at our house!  They are thanks to Melly Hotz!  We went to her house and she made some for us!  She made them for her kids when they were little.  They were an adventure getting started.  It had been a while since she made them.  But they are a HIT with my kids!  Even here on vacation the kids are asking for them!  Half cause they are yummy, half cause they are fun!

Note:  If you like... add ingredients to a hefty gallon bag and have you kids smoosh it instead of mixing!

Start by boiling some water!  Sprinkle it with salt if you like!
Next... in a separate bowl from your water of course... lol...  Beat 2 eggs.
Next you are going to add in (about) 1 1/8 Cup Flour, 3/4 Cup Milk, and 1/2 Tsp Salt.
My mixer is going here, so this looks a little thick, but... slightly less thick than this is the consitency that you are looking for.
For this next part you will need a helper to hold open a plastic bag while you scoop it in there!
Just for fun this time we added some blue food coloring.  (Plus... I knew it would make it easier for you too see the noodles in the picture!  lol)
I let the kids moosh it around like play dough.  If you were going to mix it in the bag.... this is where you would start!  It does save you the hazardous step of attempting to pour the sticky dough into a bag.
By this point you water should be at a good boil.  Cut a corner off your bag.  Not to big... not to small.  You noodle will be about that size in width.
Now slowly, but not to slowly... squeeze about half a cup of batter or so into you boiling water.
The noodles will float to the top when they are done!
Next fish them out with a giant spoon with holes in it so the water drains out!  Sometimes the noodles will stick a little to the bottom.  When you fish out the tops ones the bottom ones will knock themselves loose a little and you can get them!
See!  So neat right!
I just set them onto a cookie sheet in a pile while I'm digging out the rest this time.  We ate them this day with just butter and parmesean.  If you want to use them in spaghetti then just place them in a bowl with butter so they don't stick to bad!
These are technically called "Spaetzle"  But... since we squish them out of a bag... that is what my kids call them!  They do make special tools that you can squish the noodles through into the water, but... I like less dishes!  I don't know about you!


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  1. How fun! I think my 5 year old would love this :) The color makes it even more fun to eat for the little ones!