Tuesday, August 17

Smily Cupcake on a Stick

We had a David and Goliath lesson on a Fast Sunday and we were going to chuck marshmallows at Goliath's head.  I was going to let them eat the marshmallows until one kid pointed out that it was a fast sunday!  I promised that if they didn't eat them I would bring them a treat the next week.  They did as promised!  I know how hard that was for them so I felt like they needed an extra special treat!

Here is everything you will need to create these.
Start by making and cooling your cupcakes.  Notice that I didn't use cupcake papers.  I also decided to use thinner cupcakes.  Just one giant scoop of batter.  The bigger ones were to heavy.
Next you just follow the directions on your melting chocolate.  I went with blue because I was shopping with my son!  lol  I like the wilton brand... mostly cause it's the easiest to find where I live!
Before you do this make sure you have a place on your counter where you can set these to dry.  I just place mine on wax paper.  Here is a picture of me dipping the end on my pretzel into the chocolate.

I then stuck it into the side of the cupcake for super strength hold!

Here is the first batch all lined up and cooling.
To cover the cakes I held the dried creation over the bowl of warm gooey chocolate and spooned a giant glob over it.

I then used my spoon to smooth the chocolate all over the cake to seal it in!
This is what happened when I stuck the whole cake into the chocolate!  Smoother look, but... I couldn't get it out very good!  Also...... perhaps you are smarter than me, but just in case.... don't bang your pretzel stick on the side to shake of the excess chocolate... it will break your pretzel!

Here they are all cooling!

For the faces I warmed 1 1/4 cup chocolate chips with 2 TBL shortening.  I'm not to fancy... I just poured it into a ziplock bag and snipped a tiny corner.  I suppose you don't have to do faces, but... they are so cute right!

Here are a few ones I tried with the giant ones after I knew I have enough for my class.  Playing is fun too!  Plus... my kids loved them.  I think the big ones were a pain to eat.  They fell off really easy.

My son is a sucker for chocolate...  this one was mostly chocolate cause I ran out of the fancy blue!

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  1. Oh my gosh! How adorable is this. My kids would LOVE me even more if I made them this - how can yo lose cupcakes+chocolate+pretzels. YUM! Thanks for entering the gorilla glue giveaway. I am a new follower here!
    504 Main