Saturday, August 21

The Old Navy Necklace WINNER!

Ok... so... I know that not many people put in for the contest, but... I have faith and I KNOW that next time will be even greater!  Perhaps my internet won't mess up and the contest will start on time next time!    Anyways....

By way of the winner for my very first giveaway is...

Comment #5  Janice S., who said, "I love the pink one! So cute. When you say floss is that just a fancy word for thread or do I need to actually look for something with that name on it? You know I am crafty! hahahahahaha"

To answer her question it is embroidery floss... it comes in packs that look like this!
Image via

Thank you to all who commented!  Look forward to more giveaways in the future... I'm pretty sure I have one lined up for next Saturday!


  1. I will try again at the next giveaway! Those necklaces really were darling.

  2. If you want another easy old Navy giveaway, contact Nicole at . M80 newroom takes care of Old Navy publicity. She will gives you 10 50$/100$ coupons to shop in store. Attract a lot new people to your blog. Good luck