Friday, August 27

Bag Tags

OK... I did this VERY quickly the night before school started.  It turned out cute and I decided not to redo for 2 reasons... A) I was tired and didn't want to fix it.   B) She is in Kindergarten... nobody will notice and it's gunna get ruined fast anyways!

So... Part of the school list was that the Kindergartners have tags on their bag that have their name, address, teacher, room #, and what bus or if they are being picked up.  I couldn't do something simple... so.....
Here is the stuff I used.  My flower came precut and there are 2 circles there.
First I traced my flower onto some iron-on adhesive.
Then... I ironed my flower to it.
Peel off the paper backing...
Ironed to the front of one circle!
Now... for some reason this is the point I decided to label it.... which presented a problem cause then I had to edit more photos!  I love you all, but... you don't need to know her teachers name, room number or our address....  I stil love you though!
I then blanket stitched around the flower to give it some pop!
The pic is hard to see, but I then place the ends of the ribbon where I wanted then in the end... this is the part that hangs from the back pack!
I then placed my 2nd circle on top with right sides facing and sewed around the edges, but left a tiny part open so I could turn it right side out!
See... right side our and sewn!
So... then I choose to blanket stitch along the outside with more embroidery floss, but... I think it made it look a little toooooo... home made?  I dunno... but I was tired and done so I didn't care!  lol  Much cuter still than your average bag tag!

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  1. Holy crap, is there any limit to your awesomeness? Apparently not! Love it.