Sunday, August 29

Water Bottle Koozi!

So for Kindergarten they have asked that the parents send money for a snack milk, or.... a bottle of water.  Well, my daughter hates the taste of "cow milk" and drinks soy, sooooo.... Snack water it is!  After only 2 days of labeling her water with her name I got lazy.  I can never find my sharpie and have felt lucky to find it those 2 times!  So, being "lazy" I decided to make her a water bottle Koozi!
Being lazy... I didn't measure my bottle, but simply wrapped the fabric around the bottle until it was about 3 inches overlapped.  I then cut there and figured out my height!  I also cut on the fold so that I would have one less side to sew!
I then cut some thin batting to  the same size for some sort of insulation and stuck it inside.
I used some left over bias tape and pinned it to the outside two edges.  I would have done all three, but I didn't have enough!
After sewing that I found a Yo-Yo and matching button for my clasp "hook".
I flipped it over and on the other side I folded it in about half an inch and sewed that down.
Then measured a piece of dowel to stick inside so that it wouldn't collapse here.  (You will see what I mean when you see how I got it to close.)
I had some cute frilly elastic like ribbon.  I did one short and one long in case I ever used a larger bottle.  If I had velcro I would have used it, but....  I didn't!
I used some puffy paint to write her name on the outside.  I put it over the bottle to keep it straight!   And I was done!
Here is the clasp portion.  I put both the long and short elastic over it so it wouldn't dangle!  Pretty sure she now has the cutest "snack" water ever!

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