Tuesday, November 9

Side Squiggly Ponytail

It's been a while since we posted a hair do so....  Welcome Side Squiggly Ponytail!!!!  (I love Aurora's names for these!)
To start I parted her hair diagonally into 2 parts and put the right one in a temp pony.  Perhaps the angle of the diagonal is easier to see in the first picture up there?  After dividing the hair I started with a tiny pony up front and put the base of it as close to the part as I could.  I then threaded a ribbon through the pony!
 After that it gets easier!  I simple twisted the smaller pony and combined it with another small one.  Notice the base of the next on is as close to her ear as I could get it!
 I did the same thing about 3 more times.  Twisting and combining with a smaller pony with base a opposite side!
At the end I took all the hair hanging and put it into a side pony!
Just an easy way to add something to a simple side ponytail!

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