Sunday, March 13

Texas Flag Purse Hanger

 I actually created as a Christmas gift.  I, of course couldn't post it then!  LOL  
My little sister is graduating the end of the school year and is headed or college.  As such, she has decided she needs more TX things in case she leaves the state.  She hasn't decided where she will go, but... still. A Texas girls needs some Texas things right?  

I saw a post on A Girl and A Gluegun about a purse holder like this and thought I would post my version.  I really did just what she did, but...   with a Texas Twist.
I started with a flag, some batting, and a random scrap board
I cut the batting to size.  Then I used Gorilla Glue and clips to hold it till dry...  This was more to give sharp particle board a softer feel. 
I cut the flag to size.  
Then I sewed up the side.
 I put it over the board and hand stitched it closed.
I bought some simple hooks to put on it.  I wanted to find some awesome horseshoe hooks to put on it, but....  those had to wait.  The shipping was gunna take to long! And...  I couldn't find a price I liked.

Total Price: 10.00?
These hooks were about 2.00 for the pack, but I want to get cast iron hooks eventually.   Those are around 10 bucks.  Pricey but the will look neat!

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